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Relax at one of the sandy or rocky beaches

Being a Mediterranean island, it’s no surprise that Gozo is blessed with a stunning coastline. There’s around 300 days of sunshine a year here, so nearly every day is a beach day.

From popular beaches to lesser-known bays, Gozo holidays aren’t short on places to enjoy the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea that surrounds the island.

Ramla beach is one of the most popular on the island – and for good reason. It’s an idyllic spot for holidaymakers, with its striking stretch of red sand nestled amongst untouched countryside. In Xlendi and Marsalforn, you’ll find small, yellow sand beaches set against the backdrop of their respective villages. Marsalforn is the perfect spot to wander along the promenade, gazing out at boats bobbing on the water’s glimmering surface, while Xlendi Bay’s coral formations make it perfect for snorkelling.

But part of the island’s charm lies in its quieter bays, where you can enjoy the azure water with an extra dose of tranquility. Laze on San Blas Bay’s red sand beach, a secluded paradise that’s only accessible on foot via a steep road from the village of in-Nadur, or perhaps take a stroll along the pebble beach at Mġarr Ix-Xini.